In option


30 houses for sale

Reuvers Ontwikkeling & Bouw
Units 01 to 04, 18 to 31, 46 to 51, and 53 to 58

14 Koopgarant houses
Units 05 to 17, and 52

14 houses for rent
Units 32 to 45

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UnitsTypePlot size approx. m²Price v.o.n. (free recording)Status
01Freestanding house400€ 795.000,-Available
02Semi-detached house250Sold
03Semi-detached house238€ 575.000,-Available
04Freestanding house469€ 795.000,-Available
18Freestanding house333€ 775.000,-Available
19Semi-detached house279€ 595.000,-In option
20Semi-detached house276€ 595.000,-Available
21Freestanding house357€ 783.000,-In option
22Semi-detached house226€ 528.000,-Available
23Semi-detached house203€ 512.500,-Available
24Semi-detached house208€ 522.000,-In option
25Semi-detached house215€ 519.000,-In option
26Semi-detached house215Sold
27Semi-detached house216Sold
28Freestanding attached house350€ 762.500,-Available
29Lifetime proof freestanding house487€ 717.000,-Available
30Lifetime proof freestanding house579€ 747.000,-Available
31Freestanding house494€ 799.000,-Available
46Lifetime proof freestanding house379Sold
47Lifetime proof semi-detached house293Sold
48Lifetime proof semi-detached house296Sold
49Freestanding house389Sold
50Corner townhouse235Sold
51Middle townhouse159Sold
53Middle townhouse153Sold
54Corner townhouse258Sold
55Corner townhouse254Sold
56Middle townhouse147Sold
57Middle townhouse146Sold
58Corner townhouse252Sold
05Koopgarant houseSold
06Koopgarant houseSold
07Koopgarant houseSold
08Koopgarant houseSold
09Koopgarant houseSold
10Koopgarant houseSold
11Koopgarant houseSold
12Koopgarant houseSold
13Koopgarant houseSold
14Koopgarant houseSold
15Koopgarant houseSold
16Koopgarant houseSold
17Koopgarant houseSold
52Koopgarant houseSold
32Rental houseSold
33Rental houseSold
34Rental houseSold
35Rental houseSold
36Rental houseSold
37Rental houseSold
38Rental houseSold
39Rental houseSold
40Rental houseSold
41Rental houseSold
42Rental houseSold
43Rental houseSold
44Rental houseSold
45Rental houseSold

De Groene Aders

Plan De Groene Aders includes 58 houses in Duizel Noord phase II, including freestanding houses, a freestanding attached house, semi-detached houses and townhouses. A number of houses will come standard with a lifetime proof living program. The 30 houses for sale in the plan will be sold by Reuvers Ontwikkeling & Bouw. In addition, there will be 14 rental houses and 14 Koopgarant houses in De Groene Aders. For information about these houses, please contact WSZ.

The houses in the De Groene Aders are to be built very sustainably. They are spacious and situated on well-sized plots. The plan is surrounded by lots of greenery. There will be beautiful communal green areas with fruit trees and other producing trees and bushes. By choosing plants smartly, immediate added value is created for nature and biodiversity in the plan. Both the houses and the surroundings are completely future proof.

Mix and options
Within the De Groene Aders, a beautiful mix of family houses and houses suitable for life-long living has been chosen. The houses are already super complete in their basic layout and have a very practical layout with optimal use of space. In addition, there are numerous options possible. For example, an extension for even more living space or sliding doors. For all freestanding houses and the freestanding attached house there is also a lifetime proof option available.