Living in Duizel

A green pearl in the Brabantse Kempen: with its beautiful location, Duizel is one of those typical villages that will steal your heart. The village has a lovely friendly atmosphere. And in no time you are in Eersel. This neighbor town offers all the facilities you need to enjoy living.

Duizel, with its more than 2,000 inhabitants, belongs to the lively municipality of Eersel. Like Eersel, the attractive village is part of the Acht Zaligheden (eight blessings). These are eight historically connected villages that are known for their coziness, and are especially popular in the summer as a starting point for cyclists and hikers. As places to live, the eight villages are not only loved by their own residents. More and more residents who originally come "from outside" seek peace and quiet here.

In Duizel, you will experience the friendly village life at its best. The cozy village has already experienced a lot of history. During a walk through the village you will encounter, besides a lot of green, several beautiful sights. Real pearls of Duizel, such as the beautiful Sint Jan Geboortekerk and the Oude Toren. You can see them both from afar!
Never a bore in the Kempen!
In Duizel you will find peace and quiet, but also village coziness. The surrounding villages are easy and quick to reach by car and bike, and the neighboring village of Eersel has very good facilities. There are stores, supermarkets, schools and plenty of cafes, restaurants and terraces. If you look a little further in the region, you will find year-round entertainment and festivities. Municipalities like Eindhoven and Valkenswaard have a lot to offer in that regard. You can drive to the center of Eindhoven in less than half an hour and in twenty minutes you can reach Valkenswaard. But Veldhoven and Best, not to mention neighboring Belgium, are also within easy reach. In the middle of the forest, near Eersel, just five minutes by bike you will find another special place: the E3 Beach. Green lawns, a cool sandy beach and clear water; what more could you want? Fun events are also regularly organized on the E3 Beach.

Maybe you would like to get to know the Brabant Kempen with its lovely villages by walking or cycling. Then we have a suggestion for you. Put on your walking shoes for a walk through the scenic area along the Kleine Beerze river. Do you take into account the season, you also walk amid countless summer flowers, which are frequently attended by butterflies. The area is also home to extraordinary animals, such as the yellowhammer and ermine. Who knows, you might just run into them.
Acht Zaligheden
Duizel belongs together with Eersel, Hulsel, Knegsel, Netersel, Reusel, Steensel and Wintelre to the so-called 'sel villages'. These are residential areas whose names end in 'sel' (Duizel used to be called Duijsel and Wintelre used to be called Wintersel). Seminarians think that over the years 'sel' became bastardized into 'Selligheden', which later became 'Zaligheden'. But either way, the inhabitants were always only too proud of the 'blissful' feeling their village gave them. It is the pride that, when you visit the Acht Zaligheden, you still feel!